Help Me, Please!!! I'm Your Boring Content.

No one notices me. But I can change. I can win hearts and inspire minds – I just need a dash of Em. 

Don’t know? Then, my friend, you need a copywriter.

Hi. I'm Emma.

Emma Typing

Creative Copywriter, at your service.

Sick of the same headlines? Jaded with jargon? Me, too. So let’s focus on what really matters:

  • Making your content sing a prettier song
  • Turning your half-baked ideas into exciting concepts that demand attention (but y’know, not in a needy way)

I’ll help you share your story. Sell whatever you’ve got to sell and say whatever you’ve got to say. And
I’ll do it in a mindful way.

Kind Words:

"I’ve worked with Emma intensively in the online B2B environment and she’s an excellent writer. Quick to grasp subject matter, intelligent with insights and smart in personalising copy to increase conversion power. Smartest hire I ever made."

Nick McGivney
Advertising/Marketing Copywriter and Head of Brand @ Leveris.

My Copywriting Creed:

You don’t need a thousand words to paint a pretty picture. You just need the right ones. That's where I come in.