Hi, I'm Emma. And I’m an Addict.


I think Ruddy Kipling was right when he said words are our most powerful drug. Because I’ve been addicted my whole life. 

Aside from the satisfaction I’d get when mentally correcting the misuse of apostrophes, my pedantry never got me very far.

Until I became a copywriter.

When I realised things like attention to detail and a passion for proofreading could be my superpower, there was no stopping me.

Start-ups asked me to help them with branding.

Wellness centres brought me in to sell their yoga retreats.

And software solutions clients asked me to make their services sound sexy. (Or at least, less complex.)

My journey has taken me from Dublin’s top creative agencies, working for big-name clients (cough, Google, cough cough) to freelancing from my adopted hometown of Hoi An, Vietnam.

Little hair, many hats…

Along the way I became a yoga teacher, launched a successful alopecia website (to support baldies like me) and wrote several drafts of a memoir. Which may be ready for the world at some point.

My Publishing background has given me a sharp editorial eye – now I’m a copywriter, editor and proofreader all in one. While managing Lady Alopecia has taught me the value of SEO and how to rank at the top with original, creative content.

When I take on a new project, my aim is to help that client – whatever their size, whatever their business – make a more meaningful, rewarding connection with whoever they want to reach.

What else? I’m bald, I love puns and the colour yellow, and I strongly dislike rodents. If only there was a visual way to represent this.

Kind words:

"Emma’s mastery of the English language and calibre of writing are matched only by her incredible work ethic. Her collaboration with DMI has helped us further develop our suite of digital marketing courses."

Conor Tyrrell
Senior Product Specialist @ Digital Marketing Institute.

Now, what about you? Are you...

If so, then I think we could be great together.  But why don’t we go on a virtual date to see for sure?

(Fear not, it’s free! How’s that for a cheap date?!)