Emma Typing

Did someone say copywriter?

Emma Sothern, word nerd, at your service.

"Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind".

So said old Ruddy Kipling and I’m inclined to agree. Which is why I became a copywriter.

What's a copywriter?

Great question. Basically, we help brands to shine across different communications. From above and below-the-line ad campaigns to compelling website content, we use the power of words to deliver better results.

I can help you:

Attract & Inspire

Share your story to stand out – building on awareness with more creative ideas.

Engage & Retain

Turn browsers into buyers, then drive loyalty with benefit-focused copy they’ll love.

Nurture & Grow

Watch business soar – with a strong brand and killer content to keep ’em happy for longer.

Because you don’t need a thousand words to paint a pretty picture; you just need the right ones.

And that's where I come in.