What I do

From search giants to start-ups, I’ve done it all. Here’s what I’ve done for them – and what I can do for you.


Whether you’re a financial institution or the new café on the block, I can adjust my tone depending on who’s reading.


I use keyword-focused copy and SEO-driven headlines to help your business reach the top of that results page.

Travel Writing

Promoting things to do in your area? I’ve tonnes of experience in travel writing and I can sell wherever you’ve got in mind.

Direct & Email Marketing

I’ll draft copy that’s clear, concise and compelling – making those who read it take the action you want.

Reports & How-To Guides

Whether you need a funding proposal or to explain your latest software solution, I’ll write it in a fully comprehensive style.


Got an ebook or feature article idea that you can’t quite put into words? Don’t worry, I can do it for you.

Advertising Campaigns

Whether you need above or below-the-line content, for you or your client, I’ll offer fresh ideas and a creative execution.

Editing & Proofreading

Send your content my way. I’ll improve structure and flow before adding some grammatical magic dust.

Social Media

With fun campaign ideas and more engaging posts, I’ll give your online rep a major boost.

Who do I do it for?

What they say

"Emma’s mastery of the English language and calibre of writing are matched only by her incredible work ethic. Her collaboration with DMI has helped us further develop our suite of digital marketing courses."
Conor Tyrrell
Senior Product Specialist @ Digital Marketing Institute.
"I’ve worked with Emma intensively in the online B2B environment and she’s an excellent writer. Quick to grasp subject matter, intelligent with insights and smart in personalising copy to increase conversion power. Smartest hire I ever made."
Nick McGivney
Advertising/Marketing Copywriter and Head of Brand @ Leveris.

Are you next?

I’ll write your web copy, create your marketing materials and sell whatever you’ve got with truly inspired thinking.