What is a Mindful Copywriter?

I specialise in ethical copywriting, health and wellness content and Writing For People Who Aren’t Dicks.

I became interested in Mindful Copywriting after leaving the creative agency world. Those big-name clients that looked impressive but left me feeling, if I’m honest, a bit shitty. When the goal of all that catchy content was just to get more sales…it was hard to feel inspired.

(Don’t get me wrong. Sales are great. But if that’s your only driver, rather than being passionate about your brand or offering something of genuine value, you can stop reading here. I wish you all the best.)

Copy that matters

I got sick of the formulaic headlines, the keyword stuffing and the lack of respect for creative content, or the people reading it. So I began seeking more positive writing opportunities instead.

I set up Lady Alopecia in 2018. And what started as a way to support fellow alopecians through hair loss became a valuable lesson for me as a writer: learning how to review products in an ethical way, without giving people false hope. I also started writing more about health: mental, physical and emotional, including practical ways to improve it. (Examples of these on UpJourney and Elephant Journal.)

This was the kind of copywriting I wanted to do. The content didn’t have to be focused on health and wellness – but it would have to really matter in some way, both to the brand behind it and to the people reading it.

How mindful copywriting works

It’s an agreement, between the writer (that’s me!) and the client (that’s you!..maybe) to work together with compassion. To practice other tenants of mindfulness: like patience with the editing process, and using a ‘beginner’s mind’ to bring a fresh perspective to content.

I see mindful copywriting as listening to the specific needs of my clients, communicating with them in a kind way and understanding what they hope to achieve from their content. With authenticity at the heart of everything I do, the result is content that’s genuine, aspirational and (handily!) more likely to keep people engaged. Happy days.

Are you a mindful business?

You don’t need to be changing the world. You just need to have a set of standards. Your brand isn’t solely focused on sales; but on helping people in some way.

Whether you’re an NGO with international offices, a small local business seeking to grow within its community or a fitness instructor improving their clients’ health, you’re driven by something greater than profits: the greater good.

Of course, profits are nice – and we need to make a living. But being in sales doesn’t mean you have to sell your soul, or work for free. You can follow the Buddha’s advice, and take ‘The Middle Way’.

What that looks like:

Making money while also providing value

Feeling good in your work, knowing you’re helping others feel good, too

Producing content that’s in line with your vision and goals, not just scrabbling for sales

Creating great copy, for good

I know you’re passionate about your business. And I’ll help you get that passion across in your content. Whether you need blog posts, website content, reports or email campaigns, I’ll make sure all your communications reflect your core values – with a consistent massage that people can trust.

So are you READY to STAND OUT from the CROWD????!!!…

…Is not something I’ll ever say to you.

Because you don’t have to shout your story. You can tell it in a different, more mindful, way.